Sandcreek Baptist Church
Weekly Church News

*All of our news is written by a member of our congregation, Hazel Buell.

   Well, our cook-out in honor of our

graduating seniors was a success. But

then what cook-out is ever really a

failure? The food was especially good,

since I didn't have to cook it, and there

was a wide variety of salads and veggies.

   This Sunday we will be honoring our

Fathers at the 10:00 worship service. If

you have a song you'd like to share or

a poem, or reading, be prepared and you

will be able to share it. The time for this

will be after Sunday School and before 

the worship service. If you don't have 

something you want to share try to be in 

attendance and support our Fathers.

   Also, this Sunday, we will be taking the

One Great Hour of Sharing offering and

there are envelopes in the pew holders

for your use.

   Are you seriously thinking about that

Women's Day message coming up?At 

this time I know of no one that has come

forward to speak so there's still time for 

you to volunteer. Think about it and don't

forget to pray too.

   If you're reading this on line and you're

a deacon, we have a meeting, with Pastor

Harold, this Wednesday, June 15th at 5:30.

   As I'm writing this on Tuesday afternoon

we're getting a good rain now and then. I

have several good books I'm planning to

enjoy later and hope you have something

enjoyable to fill your time too. 

   I hope you're planning, now, to attend

Sunday School and Worship with us this

Sunday. It will be a good day to be together

in God's house worshiping with friends

and family. 

   Don't have friends or family at Sandcreek?

Well, just join us on Sunday and I KNOW 

you'll have friends when you leave. Why

not come and see for yourself. I'll be at

the piano again this Sunday but I'll also

be looking for you. Hope to see you there.